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Seriously, Florida?

Damn, do we love this great state of Florida.

But after a string of good luck, we've got hit hard by a Summer tradition in the Sunshine State.


Lots of rain.

A week ago, we headed up to Gainesville to do some Country Shore tailgating and catch the Gators opening game against the Idaho Vandals.

Instead, we spent two hours in a stadium, seeking shelter from rain and lightning that covered the area until the game was eventually cancelled shortly after 10 pm.

Then, we headed south to the Keys to talk with some stores who carry Country Shore and try to find some more stores to carry us.

Oh, and to do some lobstering.

The business side went great.

The lobstering, while tons of fun, was interrupted by more of the wet stuff.

Undeterred, we headed back home to get ready for Friday Fest in Fort Pierce.

After spending the day, loading up the trailer, driving to Fort Pierce and then unloading the trailer, we watched as we got more rain... and lightening, which ended up postponing Friday Fest a week.

Death. Taxes. Summer Rain in Florida. 

Somethings, you just can't escape.

But don't think for a second we're letting this get us down!

We're headed back to Fort Pierce on Friday and then back to Gainesville on Saturday.

Oh, and if you're going to Rascal Flatts on Saturday at Cruzan in West Palm, look for 92.7 Wave Country and the JC Western Girls!

They'll be handing out Country Shore gear, so don't miss 'em!

Cody Swann
Cody Swann