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Spring is in full-swing!


Hey Salty Rednecks!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and are getting to spend plenty of time outdoors this spring!

We had to keep this kind of under wraps for a while, but the big news for April for us was that we brokered a partnership with Bahia Cabana that enabled us to sell apparel out of the trailer down in Fort Lauderdale for four days (April 6-9) at the Tortuga Music Festival.

This was an opportunity that was not available to us even two months ago, so it was a whirlwind to throw together especially since it was an unofficial Parking Lot Party *just* outside of the actual Festival.

This event helped us in ways we're still realizing, including fan content and residual online sales. The trailer faced the main stage, so an estimated one-third of the 100,000 people in attendance walked passed the trailer.

And even though we weren't *in* the event, we reached more people with the Country Shore brand than we ever had at any other single event.

We event got a chance to attend the event on Sunday for a bit as audience members, which allowed us to pass out coozies where and snap photos of the many fans we saw in Country shore gear.

Meanwhile, our partnership with Venture Boats is in full swing.

We have added an 11.5-foot flag to the trailer and put their commercials on the front facing TV in trailer and we've got free (nice) co-branded coozies, so if you see us at an event, come get one!

With event-season dying down until August, we're going to spend the next three months focusing on growing online sales and connecting more fans nation wide.

And if you haven't seen our first commercial, we highly suggest you check it out!

Finally, we are approaching two big social media milestones as we close in on a quarter of a million followers on Facebook and 25,000 followers on Instagram.

Hope everyone had a good Easter and we'll catch up next month!

Cody Swann
Cody Swann