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How We Roll

Growth is a good thing.

Visibility is a good thing.

And we've had both quicker than we thought.

Which is awesome.

At the same time, some of our new members have been confused by the lack of product and placeholder images on the website.

We took a different approach to building Country Shore than a lot of brands.

We want to do it with your input and keep ya'll in the loop as we come up with new ideas.

It's an iterative brand that will be built for and by the people it is meant to represent.

That's one reason why your feedback is so crucial to us.

We want to make stuff you'll wear and use.

At the same time, we're not going to sell anything we wouldn't wear and use ourselves.

So if we get a prototype and don't feel like it's good enough for you guys, we're not going to sell it.

This is why you've seen things slowly come up for sale on the site.

We probably have about 50 or more different ideas we're working on and we'll show you guys each one as they become available.

Some we'll sell cause they're awesome. Some we won't because they're not up to standards.

We rely on your feedback to tell us which is good and which shouldn't make the cut.

And this is a big week for us.

If all goes according to plan, we're going to finally start having some clothes for our women's line and some of the more core products like shirts for guys.

So stay tuned, and keep the feedback coming!

Cody Swann
Cody Swann