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You have to have hats

I'm good at a lot of stuff.

OK. I'm good at some stuff.

But design isn't one of those "stuffs."

So, when we started assigning responsibilities within Country Shore Outfitters, we knew I wouldn't have much input on the apparel.

Nor did I want much input.

But from the beginning, the one thing I stumped for were awesome hats.

I think I came out of the womb wearing a hat.

You're more likely to see me without shorts than you are without a hat.

In my lifetime, I've owned more than 300 hats.

So, I know hats.

Fitted, buckle-back, snap-back, Flexfit, velcro - I've had them all.

I like simple hats that are more functional than flashy.

A hat needs to fit me well enough to stay on my head while I'm boating but be comfortable when I'm working on my bike.

That's what we made with our Signature Stretch Hat.

We decided to go dead simple on the front with our mini "CS" emblem offset on the front and slap the full logo centered on the back so everyone knows what you're wearing.

Our initial release consists of three colors:

  • White, which is good for reflecting sunlight and keeping cool
  • Black, for absorbing sunlight to prevent glare
  • Camo, for.... well because camo's pretty sweet

I'm not a really good salesman, but I have to say, this things are awesome.

For the last two weeks, I haven't worn any other hat, and I'm a hat snob.

We didn't make too many of these things, so if you want a quality hat, get one now.

Shipping free, returns are free and if, I'm wrong (which is rare) and you don't like this baby, we'll refund ya.

Cody Swann
Cody Swann