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Come Enjoy Brad Paisley With Us!

We're well into summer now, so that means we're gearing up for a late summer Brad Paisley concert at Cruzan Amphitheatre on August 16th!

We know he'll run through the crowd, pissing off his security detail as he plays in the middle of the venue for all the folks in the lawn.

Of course, he's going to play "Mud on the Tires," which we're dying to hear.

And then there's "She's Everything" - what Country Boy hasn't sang that to his lady? 

It's gonna be some light hearted fun concert once the show starts, but, before the show starts, you should come pregame with us in the parking lot.

As usual, we'll be hanging out, tailgating, handing out free Country Shore shirts and koozies and meeting some awesome new people.

We'll be there early, starting at about 4:30 and chill until the police make us go inside!

So come say 'hi!', grab a free shirt or koozie and throw back some cold ones with us. Oh and, we'll be super pumped if we see you in your Country Shore gear!

Oh, and let us knot you're coming by signing up for our Facebook Event.

Cody Swann
Cody Swann