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Friday Fest in Fort Pierce, FL

It's almost the first Friday of the month, we means we're getting ready to head to Downtown, Fort Pierce for the monthly Friday Fest!

With Lobster Season kicking off, we're going to be featuring some products directed at all you Bug Slayers out there.

Last month, we ran out of Dry Fit guy shirts almost immediately, so we're going to be bringing plenty more this time.

We'll have our Lobster Crossing Series Dry Fit shirts in both all white, so you stay cool out on your boats and camo for all other occasions. 

We'll also have our Deer Crossing Series Dry Fit shirts as Bow Season is rapidly approaching as well.

Our hats and visors went quickly, too, so we'll have some of both of those, but quantities will be limited, so get to us early if you want a hat or visor.

Finally, we'll have both our Bug Slayer and Lobster Crossing Series Tees on hand.

And we'll have even more for the gals.

In tees, we'll have the Lobster, Hog and Deer from our Crossing Series.

We'll bring sundresses, summer dresses and tank tops as well, but those went fast last month, so we can't promise they'll last long.

The designs will be a mix of our All Antlers, Starfish, Anchor, Compass and Seahorse designs.

Oh, and for you ladies, we're going to be debuting a brand new line. We promise you're going to love it, so come check it out.

If you want us to bring anything specific, please join our Facebook Event and let us know what you want and we'll get it there.

For all y'all who haven't been, Friday Fest is the first Friday of every month and is a fun place to hangout and have fun with all your friends and family in the beautiful historic downtown Fort Pierce, Florida.

Country Shore is there every month and partners with WAVE 92.7 for giveaways and more.

Come out and see us and check here for directions.