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Country Shore VIP and Brand Ambassadors


Country Shore VIP is a program for Very Important People. Duh.

But seriously, these people have been with us since the beginning.

They've helped lug stuff out of our trailer.

They've helped promote the company in 100 degree parking lots.

They've helped get us sales when we didn't have sales.

Jesse James

Hi y'all!

My name is Jesse, I am 25 years old and I was born & raised in South FL. I am a true salt water cowgirl!

I work as a horse trainer & I am the coach of the JC Western Cowgirls.

When I'm not at work I love to be riding, hunting, mudding, & fishing.

I am also the owner of SeaStars by Jesse James.


Ken and Amanda Marrero

We met Ken and Amanda at Dancing in the Streets in Stuart, FL back in August 2014.

Since then they have shown up to nearly every event in Florida to help set up and breakdown our setup, often staying for up to eight hours.

They sell, promote, buy and wear Country Shore. In fact, they may own more Country Shore clothing and apparel than we do.

They define "Living the brand." It's what they do.

We are so grateful for their support.


Ashlyn Aubuchon and Kyle Hunton

The Country Shore Couple, Ashlyn and Kyle have done it all for us.

They've driven three hours to help us do events.

They've taken hundreds of modeling photos for us.

They've brought Country Shore to friends, family and beyond.

And they're always asking what more they can do.

Oh, and Ashlyn happens to be our de facto No. 1 salesperson.


Dani Mocerino

Hi there!

I'm Dani, and although I was born in Indianapolis and grew up in Oregon, I've spent most of my life in beautiful South Florida.

I'm in school to be a nurse, and I love going to country concerts - especially Lee Brice!

When I'm helping out with Country Shore, I spend most of my time with Fireball - the mascot.


Aileen Grimes

Hey, my name is Aileen.

I'm born and raised in south Florida.

I'm 28 years old and currently studying for the nursing program.

I love the beach, enjoy fishing and the gun range.



Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors are loyal Country Shore customers who represent our brand.

They're limited to one guy and one gal in each city, and each month, they help us in different ways.

If you'd like to apply to be a brand ambassador, please fill out the application on this page.


Ashlyn Aubuchon - West Palm Beach, FL

Hi, I'm Ashlyn.

I'm 24 and was born and raised in South Florida.

I'm currently in nursing school, but when I'm not in class, you can find me in the woods or on the water.

Hunting and fishing is not a hobby, it's a passion.  


Samantha Nowling - Lake Wales, FL

Howdy Y'all! I'm Samantha.

Born with tan lines and Raised from country blood.

I was born in West Palm Beach, FL raised in Lake Wales/Winter Haven, FL area.

I love being centrally located from the East and West coast makes it great for fishing.

I love to saltwater and freshwater fishing, love being in the woods every chance I get mainly dog hunt hogs and deer hunting.

My husband and I love to go out on the airboats every chance we can.

We love to travel all over FL and GA hunting and fishing.

I work for Lakeland Regional Medical Center in Labor and Delivery.

Absolutely love my job, but love my hobbies more.

I would not give up living a country lifestyle for any city. To me no one has truly lived until they experience what we live for.


Danielle Lazette - Bartow, FL

Hey ya'll! I'm Danielle. I originally hail from southern California where I literally was raised on all things water... ocean, lakes, resivoirs, swimming pools, etc. 

Safe to say that has always been and probably will always be my true first love.

What can I say? I spent the later part of my life growing up on the farm in a small town in central California, so I literally am a salty country girl.

It wasn't until I moved to North Carolina that I got my first deer.... awesome but its not the water.

I've been in Florida for the last 5 years and its becoming home.

I really am a simple girl and like the simple things in life.

I love fishing and water sports and just relaxing on the beach.

That's usually where you will find me when I'm not doing my every-day job (and what a job it is...) well that's me.

Summed up I'm just a simple girl who loves all things water (much easier to just say it that way...)

Dani Abbadusky - Clearwater, FL

Hey Ya’ll! I’m Dani J

I grew up in the farmlands of Lancaster, PA. Horses were my life and I was a wrangler for several years.

Five years ago, I made the move to Florida to take a middle school teaching and coaching job. My students quickly discovered that I was a little different than most when I showed up at work wearing cowboy boots and carrying a camo bag. I am proud to say that I have several students who are sporting the same look with me now J

I discovered that the fishing here in Florida is hard to beat and that hunting wild boar is an absolute trip! After making the move down the coast, I also learned that country truly is country wide and I am loving sharing my country lifestyle in a new home with other fellow salty rednecks!


Misty Wise - Vero Beach, FL

I am a born and raised Florida girl.

My family were commercial fishermen.

I was basically raised on the docks of the Treasure Coast.

I am an avid fisher, kayaker. I love airboating, scuba diving, and I'm a barrel racer.

Also been know to jump out of a plane or two. Anything outdoors and I'm there!


Britni King - Gainesville, FL

Danielle Haynes - Sarasota, FL

Melissa Sanchez - Polk County, FL

Hey y’all…. I’m Melissa!

I choose my vodka by the label and perfume by the shape of the bottle.

I’m a boot wearin’ country music listenin’ gal who’s always ready to bust a move! (Especially when listening to Jason Aldean!)

Event coordinator, Fundraising guru and momma to a heart warrior.

Nothing like livin’ like a salty redneck & supporting our troops!


Julie Sanders - Longwood, FL

Holly Shuler - Bristol, FL

Hey Y'all! I'm Holly.

I am from small town, Bristol, FL.

Wife and mother of two.

My life-long passion is riding horses and barrel racing.

I LOVE to hunt, fish and go mudd-ridin' in the forest!

I'm incredibly happy to be apart of Country Shore!


Crysta Paulson - Pensacola, FL

Hey y'all! My name is Crysta. I am from Pensacola, FL

I am a college student who loves sports and being outdoors.

I love Fresh water and Salt Water Fishing in the summer, and i like to bow hunt in the fall and winter.

Brittany Raya - Dundee, FL

Kimburlee Fanion - Niceville, FL

Hey y'all! I'm Kimburlee.

I'm 22 and I'm living it up here in sweet Destin, FL.

I work as a bartender at the hottest place in town.

I'm in school for Radiography. When I'm not in school or at work, I'm out tearing it up.

I'm an avid hunter and fisher.

I love being outside and especially in the beautiful Gulf.


Brenda Barbour - Vero Beach, FL

Kristi Brown - Lake Panasoffkee, FL

I live in one of the best fishing and hunting locations in Central Florida - Lake Panasoffkee.
Hi, my name is Kristi Brown. I am 30 yrs old and a true Floridian.

I am the owner of Salon Unique and I'm so excited to be adding Country Shore Outfitters to my shop!

When I'm not I'm the shop you will find me on a boat or in a stand!


Jonathan Cotler - Port Saint Lucie, FL

Hi I'm Jonathan.

I'm proud to say I'm born and raised here in the Port St. Lucie area.

Most people know me by my huge decal on the back of my vehicle.

Much like you, I too am a salty redneck!

The air I breathe, the dirt I kick, are not a hobby but a way of life.

I'm very thankful for this opportunity and look forward to meeting all of you!


Drew DeWitt - Stuart, FL

Hey y'all, I'm Drew.

I'm 24 and was born and raised in Florida.

I work all the time but when I'm not there I'm out and about trying to find some long dirt roads or having bonfires on the beaches.

The freshest food you can get is the kind you catch yourself!


Ryan Yunck - Loxahatchee, FL

Hey y'all, it's Ryan!

I'm 25 years old, and I am currently in school to be a firefighter or become a FWC officer

When I'm not in school, I am either fishing or hunting.

County Shore A team kill em all!


Deanna Goulet - Palm Beach, FL


I was born in Canada, but raised here in Florida.

I'm an RN student and I hope to be an OB nurse soon!

If school and work didn't consume my life, I would be out mudding and fishing with my boyfriend all the time.

My favorite place to be away from home is the FL Keys! :)


Julie Dusharm - Palm City, FL

Born and raised in Ohio...that would be my "country" side.

I'm Julie,

I have now been in Florida 20 years which makes that my "shore" side.

Wife and mom of three.

Fishing on the boat is where we like to be, well.. unless there is a country concert in town!


Laura Bohn - Jacksonville, FL

My name is Laura Bohn out of Jacksonville, Florida!
Hay yall!!

I'm 24 years young!

I love being outdoors whether it's huntin, fishin, running, the beach- whatever!

Riding horses is my passion!

Check out the website, Country Shore has something for everyone's liking!


Heather Harp - Jacksonville Beach, FL

I spend my days on the water, in the mud or just soaking in the sweet sunshine.Hey yall! My name is Heather, I'm 21 and I was born and raised in NE Florida.

I have a daughter who is my mini me, she's my partner in everything I do.

Love fishin, camping, beaching, swimming, playing in the mud. If it's outside it's for me!


Ashleigh Schaad - Lake Worth, FL

I was born in south Florida and raised in Georgia but moved back down about ten years ago. Florida really has the best of both worlds, the salty ocean and the deep woods!
Hey Y'all My name's Ashleigh!

I am currently an office manager at a construction company which keeps me on my toes! I most certainly learn something new every day and get to work with some amazing and knowledgeable people.

When I'm not working you can usually find me in the kitchen whipping up something delicious or doing a little fishing with my family. Daddy had a pole in my hands since the time I could stand! I also love to bowhunt and enjoy the thrill of stalk hunting! I'm excited for the upcoming season and getting out into the woods with my family and showing the little ones how its done! When im not doing those things you can find me down a dirt road with my friends gettin a little mud on our tires!

I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful company like Country Shore! Looking forward to getting to know everyone and making new friends!

Brittany Fritz - Port Ritchey, FL

Erin Hamm - Live Oak, FL

Hi. I just turned the 'big 40.'

I am married to the love of my life for 22 years now and have 3 teenagers.

I like to cook, fish, shop, soak up some sun at the beach, and go mudding.


Barbara Tong - Jupiter, FL

I am 24 years old and was born in West Palm Beach, FL and raised in Jupiter, FL.
Hey! My Name is Barbara Tong.

I'm a full-time mom, and I'm also engaged.

In My free time, I love fishing, mudding, camping and family time on our boat.

I am very happy to be in the Country Shore Family!


Joey Cordiano - West Palm Beach, FL

Bobby Cline - Jacksonville, FL

Hey guys I'm bobby Cline.

I was born in south Georgia, St Simons Island.

I grew up in the woods and on the water more than anywhere else.

I live in Jacksonville. Florida now.

I am an aircraft mechanic and a signed and contracted professional arm wrestler, so when I'm not in the woods or sticking flounder, I'm somewhere in the US armwrestling.

So, I'm a deer-droppng, flounder-giggin, aircraft-workin, arm-wrestling, God-loving Georgia boy!


Dallas Saladin - Jacksonville Beach, FL

Brandon Berenson - Palm Beach, FL

August Cook - Largo, FL

Lori Mawhinney - Port Saint Lucie, FL

Hi ya'll

I am originally from NY but moved here when I was 7 so I'm pretty much a Floridian.

I have had a love for the outdoors since childhood, especially water.

I grew up taking care of horses and being gone from sunup to sunset getting dirty or wet!

I married by best friend 16 years ago who was born and raised here, a real FL cracker!

He loves to fish, hunt, surf, camp, pretty much anything goes.

He has taught each of our 3 children all his love of the outdoors and our youngest is our 8 year old girl and she sometimes out fishes the boys!!!

I love it all, we have a blessed life and I'm very excited to be part of the country Shore experience!!! Thanks!!! Great things to happen!


Melissa Dimartino - Stuart, FL


I am 34 years old and I live in Stuart.

I work on planning and organizing events with a couple different local companies and have for years.

I also am a partner and regional manager for diva jewels.

I am a mother of three girls but also have a really active lifestyle.

I just two weeks ago competed in tough mudder.:)

I spend a lot of time doing active outdoor activities offshore fishing is my favorite hobby.

I also do kite boarding, paddle boarding, and diving/snorkeling.

I love the beach and the water. Sandbar is my second home.

I also am a country girl.

Camping hunting air boating mudding four wheeling are all my favorite activities.

I really love life and try everyday to be happy and spread love.


Lauren Sweet - Clemson, SC

Lauren is a grad student at Clemson University and is studying how to keep our water clean.

Born and raised in Florida, she grew up raising steers in 4H and loves to surf, fish, dive, and catch lobster.


Matthew Lutz - Portland, OR

Hi, I'm Matthew, I'm 26 years old.

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon but spent 11 years in Florida.

Whether you are Hunting Deer, Fishing for Salmon, Camping under the stars, or Hiking up Mt. Hood, Country Shore is a must in the Pacific Northwest!

Everything out here screams Country Shore, and I'm happy to be apart of it!


Mark Burke - Nashville, TN

A singer/songwriter, Mark Burke has been playing the piano, finding melodies and distinguishing notes by ear since he was seven years old.

Mark has had the opportunity to share the stage with Nashville Recording Artists, Scotty Emerick, Craig Morgan, Luke Bryan, Josh Gracin, Darryl Worley, Josh Thompson, Jake Owen, and most recently, Billy Currington.

He is a story teller in every sense of the word, his lyrics paint a picture so vivid you are wrapped up in the song from word one, they will stick with you long after you hear them because they are so powerful, and heartfelt.

Check out his latest single, "Must've Been My Boots" on iTunes