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Buying Guide

If you've spent any time an our site, you know that most of our designs other than our Signature Series designs fall into one of two categories.

Country Side and Shore Side

One of our biggest lines, Crossing Series, is constantly growing and depending on the animal on the back, falls into the Country Side or the Shore Side.

Sometimes it's more clear as with our staple designs, these include:

We'll be adding to this list regularly.

But with seven different designs with nearly 10 different style dresses, tanks and tees spread across multiple colors, we can't possibly get a picture of them all on our models.

So, we take the pictures that we can and then give you the option to swap out a design for another one on the product page.

It looks something like this:

So you can pick your size, the color and the design.

We want you to be comfortable when purchasing online with us, which is why we give free shipping and full refunds on returns.

Please use the guide below to get an idea what your design will look like, but please know, we will take it back if it isn't want you wanted.

Single Starfish





Starfish Trail

All Antlers (Deer)